My Life ’08 – Pursuit of Happiness

I had gone through a lot of changes in my life in the past year. In short, it feels like something had sparked and re-ignited one of my passion. I came to a realization that I feel happy in an environment that I can be at ease. An environment that people are free to express themselves; where people are encouraged to innovate; where people express care to help one another. I feel Happy where other people are also Happy. I notice I am attuned to the recursive nature of Happiness. I also noticed that the act of pursuit of Happiness is also contagious! There are times that feeling Happy energizes other people around me. Others carry away this positive energy making themselves Happy. And it spreads outwards.

I think this realization was the spark. I decided to break out of my shell to find Happiness at work. It was very nerve wrecking at first because I am usually a quiet “non-type A” person. I started by listening to others and paying attention to what people are saying. I was amazed by how much information that people gives when they are talking. Of course there is the obvious content of what they are actually saying. I also then noticed there are lot more information from people’s gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. I can sense how happy they are by starting to pay attention to them. What is more amazing is that the same can be applied to a group or a team of people. One can sense the Happiness level of a team by paying attention to how they interact with other teams or social groups.

I am currently very interested in learning how to help others to crank up the Happiness level a notch. Very exciting stuff!

I think earlier this year there must have been some significant celestial events – a phone call from a dear friend of mine in the UK offering me a coaching gig. She must have nudge me in the right spot, and out I went to pursue my adventure in the UK. Its an opportunity to learn how other people help others to build a “Happy place”.

I must say I have an amazing family that supported me. We actually thought we could pull it off and move to England. So empowering!

In my UK adventure, I learned a lot. I learned a lot about passion and how it is like a life force that keep things going especially when things get tough. I learned that amazing things can be accomplished when you gather a small group of passionate and talented people together. It was a real pleasure to have worked with my colleagues in the UK. I also learned a great deal about myself. I learned that these so called Agile Values do have a some deeper connections to this Happy place that I was speaking of.

Now that I am aware of my journey that began this year, I am paying more attention to it, blog it and live it! And this journey has been a fantastic one so far!

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