Colby needs a home

A friend of mine is moving and is not allowed to have pets. He has a cat that is looking for a new home.

Where he is from:
I rescued him from the Toronto Humane Society back in February of ‘08

Colby is registered at the Euclid Pet Hospital and his last check up was about 6months ago (clean bill). He’s had all his shots & is neutered. Also has a tracking chip (registered).

He’s honestly the most chill cat I’ve ever come across. He has a lot of characteristics that a dog would have (pet my stomach; rolls on and sleeps on his back; talks to you every once in a while; LOVES his food; you have to measure the quantity; it’s kinda cute).
He likes to cuddle up to you at night (definitely is a “sleep in the bed with you” cat – – it’d be impossible to avoid that).
Has never scratched me or freaked out Still kitten-esque; plays with little pieces of foil/pens.
He currently spends a lot of time to himself–which isn’t the best for him–but definitely hasn’t affected his personality.
He’s used to having no one at the house ALL day — just having someone to sleep with at night would be greatly appreciated by him!

Something to note:
He has to be a house cat (no outdoors) and can not be around any other cats unless they have FIV. You can have your sliding door open and he will not walk out.
Colby has FIV which is essentially HIV for cats. It doesn’t affect him in any way — but it can be transferred to other cats if they scrap it out (blood transfer).
It can not in any way (as I’m sure you’re aware) be transferred to humans or dogs. Essentially FIV makes cats less tolerable of deathly illnesses
Another thing to note is that cats with FIV are extremely docile — it’s a characteristic trait that comes with the disease.

Reason for letting go:
Unfortunately my landlady has asked to move back into her unit and I’m having a lot of trouble finding shared accommodations with him. I’m also leaving the country next year in July for a couple of years so I figured now would be the best time to let go. It would be hard on him to have to adjust to new surroundings and then 8 months later shake his world up again.

What he comes with:
A feeding bowl – most likely left over cat food – a litter box – a couple toys – a TON of personality!! And of course my gratitude!

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