Skype and RemoteX

Update: RemoteX has fallen out of fashion, too many problems starting the connection, so we now recommend TightVNC instead.

Remote X and Mikogo are Kkype plugins that allows remote desktop sharing between skype users. Both are free but we found Remote X better and easy to use.

Install RemoteX

To include any of these plug-in, click on Tools->Do More->Get Extras from skype menu bar. This will bring up the Skype Extras Manager window, select Sharing tab and then choose RemoteX.

Start a RemoteX session

RemoteX is using Skype to make the connection but then seems to run separately.

  • Select the contact you want to share the screen with, click the associated menu button and select Do More->RemoteX

  • Then select if your screen or the participant’s will be shared
  • It takes a few seconds for the screen sharing to start


  • Closing a Skype video connection does NOT close the shared screen. You need to close the RemoteX session separately.
  • The viewing side can share the mouse and keyboard, which is handy, but can be off putting to the hosting side at times. You probably need to see up a process for taking or relinquishing control. The viewing side can also switch off sharing temporarily using the toolbar icon to stop inadvertent mouse moves.
  • The viewing side might want the shared desktop to be full screen.
  • If you want to show a small video and the shared desktop on the same screen:
    • Both sides should open the video into a window, context menu of video
    • Make the video window be on top, context menu of video
    • Resize and position so that video windows obscure each other, you will see the right video

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