Evolution is a mail client that is meant to take the place of Outlook (primarily on Linux systems). It was originally developed by the GNOME team, and development is primarily sponsored by Novell.

Miscellaneous notes

  • A Windows port has been created.
  • BC really likes Evolution.

Viewing public folders

I wanted access to the Time Away schedule, which is stored in a public Exchange folder. It’s fairly simple to set up, but I couldn’t find any documentation about it.

  1. on your Mail pane, select the Folder menu option
  2. select Subscriptions
  3. you are prompted to select a server. Select the email address or name that represents the Exchange server (most people will only have one account set up, so select that one if you’re not sure).
  4. expand the tree until you find the folder you are interested in. For example, I select the Time Away folder.
  5. close the Subscriptions window

This is where I got a little confused, since nothing had happened. It turns out that doing this just added the Time Away calendar to my calendar pane, so when I swapped over to my calendar I was able to see all the data on it. I’m not sure how non-calendar public folders would appear in the client. I tried a couple of them, but couldn’t get anything to show up.

Getting rid of line breaks while composing

When you’re in plain text mode, Evolution loves putting in lines breaks. It’s especially painful when it breaks longish URLs, because most mail clients won’t remove the line break when someone tries to click on their received message.

In order to turn off normal formatting for a paragraph, switch your paragraph type drop-down to Preformatted (it’s the drop-down right above your edit area that usually says Normal). Switch it back when you’re done to line-break normally. I usually only use this for URLs since non-line-broken email can be a pain for some people.

Shortcuts are CTRL-7 to switch to Preormatted can CTRL-0 (zero) to switch back to Normal.

Missing messages in Ubuntu

There are times when a bunch of messages go missing from my inbox. It seems to happen every few weeks. The messages are still available from the web interface, but do not appear in the client. There is some talk on the internet of deleting .index files, but that doesn’t seem to work for me.

What does work is decidedly weird. I needed the messages in question, so I forwarded them to myself using the web interface. As soon as I forwarded the message, two messages would appear in Evolution: the forwarded message, plus the original. I think the message was always there, but Evolution “forgot” about it somehow, or there’s some sort of message hiding thing going on. As soon as I forwarded it, Evolution rediscovers the copy it had all along. It’s a painful process to recover a bunch of messages, but at least nothing is done forever.

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