Thursday lunch – Going Faster

Topic: Going Faster
Format: Panel + Questions
Moderator: Michael Buckley
Panel: Greg Betty, Andrew Pitt, Ken Stevens
Location: Boardroom
Time: Thursday 21st August, 12:30 – 1:30pm

“Going faster” is a recurring topic at Intelliware — at quarterly updates, i-proving posts, retrospectives, and informally around the office. During this panel discussion we will explore this in more detail, asking:

  • What does “going faster” mean? Does it mean more features for less money? More features in fewer hours? Never missing a date? Less waste?
  • Are we doing it (whatever “it” is) already?
  • Why is this important? How does it affect our daily work? How does it affect our sales? Does our speed really matter?
  • Is this just talk?

The panel will take 5 (10?) minutes each for opening remarks explaining what “faster” means to them, why it matters to all of us, and outline their path for progress. The discussion will then degenerate into wild argument.

Michael Buckley

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