Promiscuous Pairing

I attended Agile 2008’s banquet tonight and was suprised by a passing phrase used to introduce one of this year’s Pask Award recipients. Arlo Belshee was introduced as, “writing a controversial paper on Promiscuous Pairing which suggested that when switching pairs, the partner with the least knowledge on the current task must stay and the expert is rotated off.” With velocity pressures that teams face, I thought this to be most absurd! However, after tracking down the paper, I was surpised to learn that the author and his team actually discovered that assigning tasks to the Least Qualified Person actually increased the velocity of the team compared to other methods of pair switching.

I would like to discuss the concept of assigning tasks to the Least Qualified Person and the other ideas presented in the paper and podcast in the next Tuesday Study Group.

Vanessa, Lawrence and Stephie – thanks for the ticket.

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