Sharing Eclipse tools

Inspired by Jessamyn’s posting the other day, I took a closer look at running some other Maven commands inside Eclipse.

For use in the eReferrals project, or anywhere else there are linked project dependencies, I found that you could use the external tools to call a ‘mvn clean install’,
and following that it can automatically refresh the workspace causing all the dependent projects to pick up the new library version and rebuild.
Then (assuming we all have the machines set up the same, which we should…), the whole launch unit can be checked into SVN in the project and is available to the other project members after they do an update.
I also started using the Maven/Jetty startup as Jessamyn described. It’s really nice, and stack traces (should you get any, and I’m sure none of us write any code that might fail 😉 – but found that actually killing the Jetty process required me to use the Windows task manager; using the ‘stop’ box in Eclipse just seemed to kill Eclipse’s connection and left Jetty running in the background. Ack.

What I did was make sure the ‘Debug configuration’ I use for connecting to the Jetty server has the ‘Allow termination of remote VM‘ box checked thus:
It makes killing the Jetty server a two-step process (run the debug configuration and connect, then terminate remote VM from the debug perspective), but it’s a lot nicer than using task manager.

Like the external tools, these run and debug configurations can be shared into the SVN repository and made available to other team members.

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