Rechargeable Batteries

In honour of Earth Week, here’s some interesting information on rechargeable batteries.

Adventures in Rechargeable Batteries

I’ve started using the charger talked about (The LaCrosse BC-900), and am quite impressed with it. One thing I like is the solution to C/D batteries. Instead of having to deal with all these different batteries, the charger came with adapters. You places a AA inside an adapter sized like a C cell. If you want a D cell, then you place the C cell adapter inside a D cell adapter. Means you only have to worry about 2 kinds of batteries (or if you don’t have anything with AAA, then 1).

I don’t have any hard evidence about the batteries themselves, but the charger is great. Discovered that some old rechargeables I have around the home only hold about 250mAH these days, even thought they’re rated at 2500mAH…

Another great charger maker is Maha. They’re a little more expensive, but look to have a few more features.

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