Today is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day—a day dedicated to raising our awareness about our relationship with our planet. The planet doesn’t need us to survive; however, we need a healthy planet in order to survive. So saving the planet is really about saving ourselves.

At Intelliware, there are many things we can do and have already done. Last week, we participated in the 20 Minute-Makover event sponsored by The City of Toronto. After we all cleaned up the outside courtyard and the lawn, the place looked great. Starting next week, Intelliware will be working on a flower plot in High Park. Everyone is welcome to volunteer to learn and care for native flowers in this plot. Native plants play an important part of the ecology—providing food for local insects, etc. If you want to learn more, please approach any Green Team members.

In the spirit of earth day, I suggest you check out PC World’s article “5 Habits for Greener Computing.” One tip I intend to use is to try out GreenPrint, a new program that removes unwanted text and ads whenever I print stuff from the web. This will save paper and ink plus my sanity. The company claims that an average user will save about $90 a year in paper and ink. Not bad. If you have any ideas to contribute or share, please post them! We’re all in this together.

Enjoy Earth Day!

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