Tuesday Lunch: Coding Dojo

Workshop: Coding Dojo
Moderator: Peter Yu
Location: Ottawa Room
Time: 12:30pm Tuesday, April 1st

In this Dojo (coding session), we will be faced with a coding challenge that will be solved by ALL of us collectively. Here is roughly how we are going to do it:

  • A meeting room with one computer attached to a projector.
  • A pair of programmers is selected and they get to start working at the computer.
  • One half of the pair is swapped out every X minutes.
  • It is the responsibility of the pair to ensure that everyone understands what is being done.
  • All coders are to follow Test Driven Development.

The challenge: Develop a domain model for the game of Black Jack (21).
Programming language: Java 1.5

CAUTION: Because we have roughly one hour to complete the challenge, it is going to be Full-Contact-Action-Packed-Super-Fast-Pace. So fasten your “black belts” ladies and gentlemen 😉

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