The Maven2 Eclipse Plug-in helps to synchronize the Maven pom.xml with the corresponding eclipse project. It also helps to integrate Maven and its dependency management mechanism more closely with Eclipse.


Summary of its features, and comparison with similar plugins:

Why use it?

Class searching through repository
Type in the the name of a class in a Java editor, CTRL-1 to show completions or alternative classes. At the end of the list choose “Search Dependency for Class” and you will see a dialog with any matching classes from the local and global repos! For example classes with “String” in the title returns 4k hits.


It seems to use a lot of PermGen space, so I found I had to launch Eclipse with the -XX:MaxPermSize=128m JVM argument. Note that Eclipse (3.2) doesn’t handle the exhausted PermGen space condition very well: it just disappears, no popup warning dialog, nothing. It does at least log it, so that you can get to the root of the problem by showing the Error Log view once you’ve restarted Eclipse.
From: DRY-er Eclipse configuration with m2eclipse plugin

0.90 Update

The 0.90 update adds a bunch of functionality related to integration with Eclipse, repository searching, together with a less picky relationship with the pom.xml.

The author introduces a number of the features in the following series of blog entries:

  • http://www.jroller.com/eu/entry/m2eclipse_0_9_0
  • http://www.jroller.com/eu/entry/maven_indexes
  • http://www.jroller.com/eu/entry/maven_project_materialization
  • http://www.jroller.com/eu/entry/using_maven_indexes

Of particular interest:

  • The plug-in no longer chokes on the build tag entries in our POM files
  • The Quick-fix selection of dependencies no longer results in lost POM information

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