Developer Starter Kits

In a recent conversation with Michael Buckley, he was stunned to discover that the “Developer Starter Kits” was no longer a part of the welcome package for new hires. Apparently, this kit, which is really a list of suggested reading, was given to new hires in the hopes that developers would share a common language. Mike was kind enough to dig around and bring his in to share with the team. So, I thought, why not share it with the thirty or so employees who have come after him?

The Kit is as follows:

Category Developer Title Author
Developer The Mythical Man Month Fred Brooks
Developer The Unified Software Development Process Jacobson, Booch & Rumbaugh
Developer Analysis Patterns Fowler
Developer Object-Oriented Design Grady Booch
Developer Microserfs ??? Douglas Coupland
Developer Extreme Programming Explained Kent Beck
Developer Planning Extreme Programming Kent Beck, Martin Fowler
Developer Refactoring Martin Fowler
SmallTalk Developer Smalltalk Best Practices Kent Beck
Developer Java in a Nutshell David Flanagan
Developer Java Examples in a Nutshell David Flanagan
Architect A Timeless Way of Building Christopher Alexander
Architect The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Edward Tufte
Architect Web Security & Commerce Simson Garfinkel & Gene Spafford

Obviously, some of the items on the list are out of date. I would like to start a dialogue about which items to keep and new ones that we might consider adding. Perhaps we could even cover some key ones in Study Group. Two books that I’d like to see on it are: “Pair Programming Illuminated” and “The Pragmatic Programmer”.

I guess what I am asking is, if you could recommend a technical or process-related book that you wish all your co-workers had read, would it be on this list and if not, what is it?

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