How to get the JettyLauncher running in Eclipse

JettyLauncher is an Eclipse plugin to run a web-app in Jetty. What is great is that Jetty runs embedded using the Eclipse
classpath so any dependent projects are included automatically.

  1. Download a copy of Jetty 5:
  2. Unpack the Jetty distribution somewhere. (E.g. c:/project/jetty-5.1.14)
  3. Install the JettyLauncher plugin from the update site:
  4. Configure a launch entry under the “Run->Open Run Dialog…” menu:
  5. Add tools.jar to the classpath if you are using jsps:
  6. Go.

The JettyLauncher plugin will add a funny toolbar item to the Java and Debug perspectives. It restarts the container (e.g. for a web.xml change).

If you are running Tapestry, add “-Dorg.apache.tapestry.disable-caching=true” to the system properties so your HTML templates reload.

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