Want to know about your DB2 configuration?

Open a DB2 Command Window and type the following:

get db cfg for hw

The general syntax is

get db cfg for <databaseName>.

Here’s an example output:

db2 => get db cfg for hw

       Database Configuration for Database hw

 Database configuration release level                    = 0x0a00
 Database release level                                  = 0x0a00

 Database territory                                      = US
 Database code page                                      = 1252
 Database code set                                       = IBM-1252
 Database country/region code                            = 1
 Database collating sequence                             = BINARY
 Alternate collating sequence              (ALT_COLLATE) =
 Database page size                                      = 4096

 Dynamic SQL Query management           (DYN_QUERY_MGMT) = DISABLE

 Discovery support for this database       (DISCOVER_DB) = ENABLE

 Default query optimization class         (DFT_QUERYOPT) = 5
 Degree of parallelism                      (DFT_DEGREE) = 1
 Continue upon arithmetic exceptions   (DFT_SQLMATHWARN) = NO
 Default refresh age                   (DFT_REFRESH_AGE) = 0
 Default maintained table types for opt (DFT_MTTB_TYPES) = SYSTEM
 Number of frequent values retained     (NUM_FREQVALUES) = 10
 Number of quantiles retained            (NUM_QUANTILES) = 20

 Backup pending                                          = NO

 Database is consistent                                  = NO
 Rollforward pending                                     = NO
 Restore pending                                         = NO

 Multi-page file allocation enabled                      = YES

 Log retain for recovery status                          = NO
 User exit for logging status                            = NO

 Data Links Token Expiry Interval (sec)      (DL_EXPINT) = 60
 Data Links Write Token Init Expiry Intvl(DL_WT_IEXPINT) = 60
 Data Links Number of Copies             (DL_NUM_COPIES) = 1
 Data Links Time after Drop (days)        (DL_TIME_DROP) = 1
 Data Links Token in Uppercase                (DL_UPPER) = NO
 Data Links Token Algorithm                   (DL_TOKEN) = MAC0

 Database heap (4KB)                            (DBHEAP) = 4096
 Size of database shared memory (4KB)  (DATABASE_MEMORY) = AUTOMATIC
 Catalog cache size (4KB)              (CATALOGCACHE_SZ) = (MAXAPPLS*4)
 Log buffer size (4KB)                        (LOGBUFSZ) = 8
 Utilities heap size (4KB)                (UTIL_HEAP_SZ) = 5000
 Buffer pool size (pages)                     (BUFFPAGE) = 250
 Extended storage segments size (4KB)    (ESTORE_SEG_SZ) = 16000
 Number of extended storage segments   (NUM_ESTORE_SEGS) = 0
 Max storage for lock list (4KB)              (LOCKLIST) = 8192

 Max size of appl. group mem set (4KB) (APPGROUP_MEM_SZ) = 30000
 Percent of mem for appl. group heap   (GROUPHEAP_RATIO) = 70
 Max appl. control heap size (4KB)     (APP_CTL_HEAP_SZ) = 4096

 Sort heap thres for shared sorts (4KB) (SHEAPTHRES_SHR) = (SHEAPTHRES)
 Sort list heap (4KB)                         (SORTHEAP) = 4096
 SQL statement heap (4KB)                     (STMTHEAP) = 4096
 Default application heap (4KB)             (APPLHEAPSZ) = 2048
 Package cache size (4KB)                   (PCKCACHESZ) = (MAXAPPLS*8)
 Statistics heap size (4KB)               (STAT_HEAP_SZ) = 6000

 Interval for checking deadlock (ms)         (DLCHKTIME) = 10000
 Percent. of lock lists per application       (MAXLOCKS) = 60
 Lock timeout (sec)                        (LOCKTIMEOUT) = 60

 Changed pages threshold                (CHNGPGS_THRESH) = 60
 Number of asynchronous page cleaners   (NUM_IOCLEANERS) = 2
 Number of I/O servers                   (NUM_IOSERVERS) = 10
 Index sort flag                             (INDEXSORT) = YES
 Sequential detect flag                      (SEQDETECT) = YES
 Default prefetch size (pages)         (DFT_PREFETCH_SZ) = AUTOMATIC

 Track modified pages                         (TRACKMOD) = OFF

 Default number of containers                            = 1
 Default tablespace extentsize (pages)   (DFT_EXTENT_SZ) = 32

 Max number of active applications            (MAXAPPLS) = AUTOMATIC
 Average number of active applications       (AVG_APPLS) = 1
 Max DB files open per application            (MAXFILOP) = 128

 Log file size (4KB)                         (LOGFILSIZ) = 1000
 Number of primary log files                (LOGPRIMARY) = 3
 Number of secondary log files               (LOGSECOND) = 2
 Changed path to log files                  (NEWLOGPATH) =
 Path to log files                                       = D:DB2NODE0000SQL00002SQLOGDIR
 Overflow log path                     (OVERFLOWLOGPATH) =
 Mirror log path                         (MIRRORLOGPATH) =
 First active log file                                   =
 Block log on disk full                (BLK_LOG_DSK_FUL) = NO
 Percent of max active log space by transaction(MAX_LOG) = 0
 Num. of active log files for 1 active UOW(NUM_LOG_SPAN) = 0

 Group commit count                          (MINCOMMIT) = 1
 Percent log file reclaimed before soft chckpt (SOFTMAX) = 100
 Log retain for recovery enabled             (LOGRETAIN) = OFF
 User exit for logging enabled                (USEREXIT) = OFF

 HADR database role                                      = STANDARD
 HADR local host name                  (HADR_LOCAL_HOST) =
 HADR local service name                (HADR_LOCAL_SVC) =
 HADR remote host name                (HADR_REMOTE_HOST) =
 HADR remote service name              (HADR_REMOTE_SVC) =
 HADR instance name of remote server  (HADR_REMOTE_INST) =
 HADR timeout value                       (HADR_TIMEOUT) = 120
 HADR log write synchronization mode     (HADR_SYNCMODE) = NEARSYNC

 First log archive method                 (LOGARCHMETH1) = OFF
 Options for logarchmeth1                  (LOGARCHOPT1) =
 Second log archive method                (LOGARCHMETH2) = OFF
 Options for logarchmeth2                  (LOGARCHOPT2) =
 Failover log archive path                (FAILARCHPATH) =
 Number of log archive retries on error   (NUMARCHRETRY) = 5
 Log archive retry Delay (secs)         (ARCHRETRYDELAY) = 20
 Vendor options                              (VENDOROPT) =

 Auto restart enabled                      (AUTORESTART) = ON
 Index re-creation time and redo index build  (INDEXREC) = SYSTEM (RESTART)
 Log pages during index build            (LOGINDEXBUILD) = OFF
 Default number of loadrec sessions    (DFT_LOADREC_SES) = 1
 Number of database backups to retain   (NUM_DB_BACKUPS) = 12
 Recovery history retention (days)     (REC_HIS_RETENTN) = 366

 TSM management class                    (TSM_MGMTCLASS) =
 TSM node name                            (TSM_NODENAME) =
 TSM owner                                   (TSM_OWNER) =
 TSM password                             (TSM_PASSWORD) =

 Automatic maintenance                      (AUTO_MAINT) = OFF
   Automatic database backup            (AUTO_DB_BACKUP) = OFF
   Automatic table maintenance          (AUTO_TBL_MAINT) = OFF
     Automatic runstats                  (AUTO_RUNSTATS) = OFF
     Automatic statistics profiling    (AUTO_STATS_PROF) = OFF
       Automatic profile updates         (AUTO_PROF_UPD) = OFF
     Automatic reorganization               (AUTO_REORG) = OFF

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