QCon 2007 Notes: Changing Java

Joe Walker, The Changing Shape of Java: What will Java look like in 5 years time?

  • Java has changed more these past 2 years than ever before, and it’s speeding up
  • Java is still the most popular and the least popular language
  • 3 areas of change:
    • Language
      • AOP: too many critics to mainline soon
      • Closures: multiple options (BGGA, with Gosling’s support, most likely; CICE, with Bloch’s support because BGGA too complex; FCM), useful for extending the language; SmallTalk is fundamentally written in closures. (See a more recent list of closure options with links to white-paper descriptions)
    • JVM
      • There are now 200 languages that run on the JVM, and Sun officially supports Java, Ruby, and Javascript.
      • With OpenTerracotta, we can transparently cluster across JVMs
    • Libraries
      • SEAM joining JPA to JSF
      • For Ajax, there’s DWR and GWT (compiling Java to Javascript)
      • Swing is even starting to look nice, with all the competition
      • NB a lot of open source
  • Challenges to Sun
    • SCA (Service Component Architecture)
    • Eclipse / OSGi / SWT
    • Adobe’s Flex and Apollo

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