QCon 2007

I had a really great time at QCon, and highly recommend it. The calibre and range of speakers (Martin Fowler, Rod Johnson, Gavin King, pragmatic Dave Thomas, Larry Constantine, Ted Neward) was wonderful.

  • QCon in a Nutshell (all the best bits)
  • QCon Notes: TDD Tutorial
  • QCon Notes: Groovy Tutorial
  • QCon Notes: Modifiability (Martin Fowler and colleagues: easily the best talk of the conference)
  • Selenium (mostly from our project experience, but incorporates notes from Erik Doernenburg’s QCon paper)
  • QCon Notes: Spring Aspects
  • QCon Notes: Coplien on Design
  • QCon Notes: Constantine on Design
  • QCon Notes: Meijer Keynote
  • QCon Notes: Changing Java
  • QCon Notes: Grails
  • QCon Notes: JRuby
  • QCon Notes: SEAM
  • QCon Notes: Yawning Crevasse of Doom (Martin Fowler and Dan North on the communications gap between techies and business people)
  • QCon Notes: Zed Shaw on Mongrel
  • Problems solved and problems unsolved (which emerged from my thoughts about the conference)

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