Javascript Eclipse Plugin

Andre and I were debugging a complicated set of javascript methods, and lamenting the fact that Eclipse out of the box doesn’t support javascript with syntax highlighting, error checking, or the ability to click on a method name and jump to the method. We were delighted to discover that JSEclipse provides all of that and more.

And after we posted that and people commented, I tried out both Firebug and Aptana. Both neat tools — thanks for the recommendations — and for the code as we were examining it in the IDE, Aptana did everything that we loved JSEclipse for. Plus, as the commenters noted, it’s free and open-source, unlike Adobe’s JSEclipse, which is probably a price hike waiting to happen. And since Aptana has recently acquired RDT and RadRails, if you’re developing Ruby on Rails apps in Eclipse you’ll probably want to have it installed anyway.

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