Agile Testing

I recently stumbled across a presentation at Google by Elizabeth Hendrickson on Agile Testing. I am intrigued by her enthusiasm about testing. She covers the challenges that a QA person will likely encounter in an agile development environment where requirement changes is a constant, developers are using automated testing tools like xUnit, Fit/FitNesse or some other Domain Specific Languages. She highlights how agile development practices affects QA activities. Her recommendations to QA derives from ideas of agile practices, e.g.: XP, Scrum, Lean and CrystalClear. She contrasts the traditional idea of treating QA as a separate group in an organization where development team “hand off” code that is ready for testing; but in the Agile approach where QA is working so closely with development (pairing with developers and doing Test-Driven Development) the “Team” as a whole now integrated more tightly than before is responsible for getting the customer what they want. Less need for the “signoff process” and the “Blame Game”.

The presentation can be found here
Her slide can be found at here

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