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I’ve been telling everybody about this new technology that I discovered–filing cabinets. I got a label maker and moved my files from grocery bags that were stuffed in drawers, and was excited to tell the world. It turns out, I’m the last person to hear about this. One thing that not everyone has heard about is a simple idea for rotating folders that takes away the headaches of figuring out when to purge your files, and having to create new labels as time advances. For example, let’s take taxes. Label ten folders “Tax Year 0”, “Tax Year 1”, …, “Tax Year 9”. Now, when 2008 comes around, you toss 1998 contents from “Tax Year 8” folder, and start putting in stuff for 2008.

Yesterday, I bought a cable rack from IKEA to eliminate computer cables from the floor. My computer desk looks much cleaner.

Today, I discovered the FireFTP Firefox extension. It has replaced FileZilla as my preferred FTP client.

For those using iGoogle (formerly known as Google Personalized Homepage), I came across Google Homepage Maximizer, which is a Google gadget for eliminating the header and footer cruft on iGoogle.

One last thing, if you’re still using Notepad or WordPad in Windows, consider using the open source Notepad++.

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