Installing the Subversive plugin


There is a newer version of the Subversive plugin if you are using Eclipse 3.3+. The Eclipse Foundation has taken over the plugin, and is incubating it. It can be found at

In Eclipse

  1. Select Help -> Software Updates -> Find And Install…
  2. Select “Search for new features to install”, click “Next”
  3. Click “New Remote Site”
  4. Enter “Subversive” for the name field
  5. Enter the following URL and click “OK”:
  1. Click “Next” through to “Finish”
  2. Check “Subversive” for feature to install. (Note: an error will pop up, but the next two steps will fix this)
  3. Expand the “Subversive” feature (click the +).
  4. De-select “Subversive Integration” and click “Finish”
  5. Restart eclipse
  6. Open the SVN perspective (Window -> Open Perspective -> Other -> SVN Repository Exploring)
  7. Click the button with caption “New Repository Location”
  8. Enter the URL for your subversion repository, as well as any other information such as a password that you might need.

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