What A Concept

I have one, and I’m sure most everyone here at Intelliware at a minimum knows someone who has one. I’m referring to an Apple iPod. Most of the time I take for granted how much I like my iPod and why I like it. The two biggest things that come to mind are that it is convenient and easy to use.

In terms of the portable media market the iPod has turned into the best option, and in most cases the only option when it comes to portable media players. Not only that, but the iPod accessory market has developed into a huge industry. Consumer electronics stores have entire sections dedicated to all of the products that have been built to support the iPod. Things like radios that you plug your iPod into, cases, car adaptors and even iPod socks!

So, have you ever wondered how the iPod came about? Yesterday I stumbled across an article that provided some interesting and intimate insight into the history and design of this neat little device.

Have a look here for the good stuff!

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