Eclipse Emma Plug-in

Another handy little tool we’ve been using recently is a plug-in for eclipse that hooks the Emmacode coverage tool into the normal build / test process inside Eclipse. (Credit disclaimer: not discovered by me, but I have been using it, hence this post)

I’ve found the plug-in (Eclemma) is very usable overall since I started using it near the beginning of November.

My biggest fear was that it would add a huge amount of lag to things on my system. As it turns out, that fear was unfounded. You can actively choose to run things with or without coverage, and all of the coverage data is loaded off in the background so Eclipse remains responsive.

It has all the standard sort of features you’d expect of a tool like this:

  • Coverage highlighting inside your editor windows
  • Different ways to view the coverage numbers
  • Browsing of different coverage runs

I’m more interested in learning if it scales up well to one of our much larger, longer running projects as well as it handles my current, relatively new project (read as “smaller code base because we’re only a couple months old” 😉 )

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