Mocking EJB local entities

Cesar Farell, 3 November 2005

Having trouble mocking up the getPrimaryKey() method on an entity?
Here’s what I first tried (how we “normally” do it):

Mock mock = new Mock(PackagingTypeLocal.class);

But then when I run the test that uses this code, I run into the following assertion failure, coming from jMock:

org.jmock.core.DynamicMockError: mockPackagingTypeLocal: no match found
	Invoked: javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject.getPrimaryKey()
	Allowed: expected once and has been invoked:
		 getPrimaryKey, (no arguments), returns <DISP>
	at org.jmock.core.AbstractDynamicMock.mockInvocation(Unknown Source)
	at org.jmock.core.CoreMock.invoke(Unknown Source)
	at $Proxy0.getPrimaryKey(Unknown Source)

It looks like jMock is complaining that about the fact that I’m trying to invoke a method on a super-type (EJBLocalObject) instead of a method that is defined by the specific interface that it is mocking (in this case, PackagingTypeLocal).


It turns out that the following works just fine:


If, instead of using the invocation builder approach directly off of the mock, as above, I use the following:

Mock mock = new Mock(PackagingTypeLocal.class);
InvocationMocker invocationMocker = new InvocationMocker();
invocationMocker.addMatcher(new MethodNameMatcher("getPrimaryKey"));
invocationMocker.addMatcher(new InvokeCountMatcher(1));

which is the same as what was specified above (but explicitly assembling it “by hand”), then it also works.

But, if I use

invocationMocker.addMatcher(new InvokeOnceMatcher());

then I get the problem again.


InvokeOnceMatcher is buggy. It’s more expressive, so I’ll try to use it whenever I can. If I see this sort of problem, I’ll switch to using InvokeCountMatcher with a count of 1.

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