Future of Enterprise Java

Greater Toronto Software Symposium 2006

This was a talk by Floyd “InfoQ” Marinescu about InfoQ which has a Giant Q, just like NyQuil. During his talk about InfoQ, Floyd also mentioned some stuff about the future of Enterprise Java.

  • Domain Driven Design will be big in 2007.
  • OSGi will be big. And it’s part of some conspiracy by big businesses to … conspire or something. I confess, I didn’t get that part. I think it had to do with the potential for more componentized architecture vs. monolithic architectures, but I don’t see how IBM for instance, ends up being in favour of componentized architectures. Maybe it has to do with IBM wanting to eat Sun’s Java-lunch.
  • Scripting on the JVM will be big. Groovy!
  • Grails (a Groovy Rails-a-like) will be big and since it’s built on Hibernate and Spring and can access all your usual Java stuff, it might be more accepted in enterprise environments than Ruby/Rails. However, JRuby could just run Rails directly, but it’s super-slow right now, but if JRuby speeds up, maybe Ruby devs would end up working on the JVM. Then you might see a Ruby front end and an enterprise Java back end.
  • AJAX and the browser as an application platform. As far as JavaScript libraries go, popularity is split for Java developers between Prototype, DWR, and DOJO. DOJO has Sun and IBM support.
  • What about Flex and Flash instead of JavaScript in the browser? No incompatibility issues, and installed everywhere.

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