Refactoring Course: Part 2

I just finished the second section of Refactoring to Patterns Interactive, which covers the Strategy pattern. I completed the refactoring on my own and was pretty proud of my Eclipse expertise in executing MoveMethod. Then I looked at the refactoring videos online and my jaw dropped.

I did the entire lesson over again using the new techniques (in particular, using EncapsulateField and MoveMethod…the proper way). I wish Eclipse had a convenient keystroke counter. My first run executing the refactoring was about 2 hours, and my second run was about 10 minutes. Mind you, I knew what needed to be done the second time, but the real kicker for me was that the new techniques made refactoring a pleasure. Without knowing those tricks I wouldn’t want to redo that work. But with those tricks, there was minimal mechanical work, and I was very eager to apply the refactorings.

This section on the Strategy pattern is the one that is available for free is you signup. I highly recommend signing up, if only to see the refactoring videos.

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