JavaOne Trends

It’s probably too early to talk about what kind of “trends” or “buzz” seems to be dominating JavaOne, but these points keep coming up again and again:

  1. There are a gajillion new tools that make Java EE 5 development really, really productive if only you had time to learn them.
  2. All the big EJB vendors learned their lesson: EJB 3.0 isn’t terrible like EJB 1 and EJB 2.
  3. Annotations are really cool
  4. Everybody who’s anybody is using Java 5 these days. (And I think I’m starting to agree with the position I’ve heard recently, that if you’re funding a project on an earlier version of Java, you’re throwing money down the drain).
  5. Web services are kinda boring, these days. HTTP and XML are still really good friends, but the sexy new APIs (like Atom) are skipping all the SOAP Envelope verbiage and just throwing simpler XML documents around.

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