Conference Submission Ideas

Here are two ideas that I have for conference submissions for 2007. I’m throwing these out on the table in hopes of encouraging other IWD folks to document other ideas that they may have.

1. Adapting XP Practices to a Large, Multi-team Project

  • I think there’s some really interesting experiments that we’ve done on this front over the last few years that others would be interested in learning about. What makes this idea even more attractive is that I have some existing diagrams from other documents that I’ve written that could be reused.

2. Metrics for Agile Development

  • I have a bunch of data collected from projects here at Intelliware that I need to assess and better understand. I think the outcome of this work could be a really interesting paper around what metrics are useful for an Agile project team. I would need to pair up with somebody to write this as one of the fears that I have is getting lost in the trees when trying to understand what the data really means.

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