Agile Principle – Continuous Integration

Integrate and build the system many times a day, every time a task is completed. This keeps all the programmers on the same page.

There are three things we usually want in a continuous integration environment:

  1. A source code repository
  2. Developer collision detection
  3. An automated build process

Key Tasks

  • Synchronize
    • The developer starts with a clean image of code taken from the repository
  • Code and Unit Test
    • While working on one particular task, the developer creates or changes pieces of code, writes new Unit test cases to check that the requirements of the task are implemented, and then prepares to integrate.
  • Prepare for Integration
    • The developer obtains ?the integration token?
    • The developer gets all the latest updates from the repository
    • The developer runs all tests to ensure that nothing has been broken
  • Integrate
    • Commit to the repository

Source Code Repository

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