The Forgotten Practices

Some time ago, I was in a snarky mood, and I created this list of practices that seemed to be absent from most agile methodologies, but which I believed were important to articulate:

  • Be Faster Tomorrow Than You Are Today
  • If You’re Gonna Forget What We Talked About, Write Yourself Some Notes
  • Occasionally Ask “Yeah, But Should It Take That Long Or Cost That Much?”
  • Reuse (or Plagiarize! Let No One Else’s Work Evade Your Eyes! Only Be Sure Always To Call It Please Research)
  • Group Estimates Are Not An Excuse To Sit Back And Let Everyone Else Do The Estimates
  • Don’t Comment Out The Test That’s Failing; That’s Cheating!
  • Once And Only Once Applies To Complaining As Well (also known as Everyone Compains About The Weather But Nobody Does Anything About It)

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