Some time ago, I ran across this interesting taxonomy of metrics, put together by a guy named David Rico. After reading a lot of the literature, he felt that metrics could be broadly categorized into 12 major categories.

Category Examples
Productivity statements per person month, Function points per person year
Design\ McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity, Halstead’s Complexity metric, Lack of Cohesion of methods, Abstractness, etc.
Quality Bug count, Potential Defects, Actual Defects, Defects by size
Effort Person months
Cycle Time Elapsed time, duration, accuracy\
Size Function Points, Lines of Code (LOC), Effective Source Lines of Code, number of story points
Cost Overall project cost in dollars, dollars per story point
Change Number of change requests, percentage approved
Customer Satisfaction
Performance CPU utilization, response time, number of requests per second

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