Agile Common Sense: Ten cheap actions

It’s easy to over complicate things, particularly when bullets are flying in the middle of a software development project.  Back in 2003, Kent Beck and Michael Hill authored this short but useful paper that can serve as a “common sense” checklist for you to help improve productivity on your projects.

Ten Cheap Actions You Can Take Today To Improve Your IT Performance

From an Agile perspective, the list also serves as a reminder of the core practices you need to focus on to become more nimble.

The four core agile “actions” from the list?

  • Plan and work by features
  • Code in a conference room
  • Test code immediately and automatically
  • Build the software twice every day

My favorite, and probably easiest action? “Eat a donut together every morning.”  It’s amazing how big an impact just getting together to discuss project issues can have on a team.   Folks, spring for the donuts.  It’s worth it.

Regardless of what your process looks like — Scrum, XP, Waterfall — it will serve you well to consider incorporating the “cheap” actions discussed here.

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