Replatforming: Five signs it’s time

Back in June, we released the introduction to our whitepaper series on the subject of replatforming.

Rather than try to nail the big topic of replatforming into one prescriptive document, we felt it was more appropriate to take it on using a series of smaller whitepapers that look at replatforming and modernization from several different perspectives.

Today, we offer our second whitepaper, “Replatforming: Five signs it’s time”.

Choosing the right time to replatform is always a difficult internal conversation because there is rarely a single, clear, universal moment when such a project becomes an absolute necessity. The tipping point for modernization will look different to different companies — and even between departments within the same company — but there are certain telltale signs that the ROI for a replatforming effort is there, waiting to be acted upon.

Our whitepaper discusses the five most important signs that your organization might need to undertake a replatforming effort.

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