Adequately Agile in Financial Services

Recently, Keith Shiner, VP of Financial Services at Intelliware, was interviewed by Victor Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of WatersTechnology. Keith shares Intelliware’s experiences and his personal perspective on Agile in Financial Services, which was subsequently featured in a two-part story.

Part One – Adequately Agile: Firms eye Agile method
While Agile software development practices have been around since the late-90s, it’s really only been in the last few years that capital markets firms have started to embrace various aspects of the “Agile Manifesto”. “For Intelliware, Agile has always been simply a core way of managing the inherent risk associated with technology projects and ensuring the delivery of high-quality and sustainable solutions with a faster time to market,” says Shiner.

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Part Two – Agile: More mentality than methodology
Agile is more than adopting a few technical and project practices. To have success, Agile requires a culture shift that can be difficult for capital markets firms. However, with a culture shift, Agile practices are effective at reducing technology project risk. “At the heart of the matter lies the management of risk inherent in any IT deliverable and we’ve demonstrated that Agile is the best way to manage those risks—it is essentially process and project agnostic,” explains Keith in part two of this two-part feature.

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