Millions Of Lines of Code

Checkout this fascinating visualization of various codebases and their size as measured by lines of source code (LOC).

Obviously, any estimates for the closed source projects should be viewed with skepticism. For example, a lot of the buzz for this visualization has focused on the site which is estimated at a whopping 500 million lines of code. That’s big… even for a Java application! Randy Olson has a nice post explaining that the 500 million LOC claim has been dismissed by a developer brought in to cleanup the site (it’s only 3.74 million LOC). Still, the visualization is good fun as they mix in literary works and a mouse’s DNA for comparison.

How big is your codebase? If you aren’t using a tool like Sonar to track these types of metrics, you can get a rough estimate by running  `git ls-files | xargs wc -l` in your working directory. Finally, don’t associate quantity with quality. Running `git ls-files *.c *.h  Makefile | xargs wc -l` on the Git source tree reports only 116000 lines of code!

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