Calling for an end to Place Oriented Programming!

I’ve just finished watching a most insightful video. It is calling for an end to using OOP to solve Information Technology related problems. I can hear you say “What the #%$$@%^ !!!!”.

Please please please, do watch the video.

This is what I’m going to be doing starting tomorrow. Whenever I see you, I’m going to ask you (politely) if you watched the video. Until you watch it, or tell me to stop asking you.

Oh, here is the video.

I believe that knowing the facts presented in the video will give you a competitive advantage, if you happen to be in the Information Technology business.

New Facts, New Space

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1 thought on “Calling for an end to Place Oriented Programming!

  1. Ivan Carrion

    One thing I found myself wondering while watching this is: is there anything stopping us from using these techniques (if not in whole then at least in part) in OOP languages? Immutable objects, write-once/read-often databases are obviously doable… does that get us closer to facts/values? is there value in trying to find a middle ground?

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