XPToronto: Agile Adoption Challenges in the Real World

Mainstream Agile methods would suggest that Agile projects have small, collocated, and self-sufficient teams. However, we know from our research that in reality, Agile teams seldom work in such idealistic circumstances. Please join Mark Lines of UpMentors for a light-hearted look at the Agile rhetoric vs reality. Do you need to know how to be Agile in a world of PMOs, database groups, maintenance groups, devops, distributed, offshore, and other things not covered by the 16 page “Scrum guide”? In this session, Mark shows concrete examples of organizational and cultural challenges from his experiences with large scale Agile adoption, and how these barriers were overcome.

Mark is an Agile Coach, Team Lead and co-founder of UPMentors.com. He is also co-author, with Scott Ambler, of “Disciplined Agile Delivery” (which is set to be released this June) and is a frequent contributor to the www.disciplinedagiledelivery.com blog.

Presenter: Mark Lines, Upmentors

Date: Tuesday May 15, 2012 – 7 PM

Ryerson University
Vari Engineering & Computer Centre
Room ENG 205
245 Church St. at Gould St.
Enter at northwest corner of the building
(note the change in room location – signs will be posted)

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