Functional programming !?

I stumbled upon this post about functional programming in Scala a few days ago. I believe it does a good job at characterizing imperative and functional programming.

I’ve quoted below two excerpts of the post where imperative and functional programming are characterized.

Imperative Programming is a programming paradigm that describes computation in terms of correctly ordered statements that change a program’s state.
Functional programming is a programming paradigm that describes computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions avoiding state, mutual data and therefore side effects.

I hope these quotes and the post itself perk your curiosity. I have no real life experience working with a functional language to create a large application, so I can’t give you an objective opinion about how appropriate functional programming could be to write this kind of application. Nevertheless, based on the emergence of languages like Scala and F#, it seems the general feeling out there is that a hybrid language (one that allows you to do OOP and FP) seems to be good idea.

LinkedIn Signal: A Case Study for Scala, JRuby and Voldemort

Scala projects at Twitter (scroll down to Scala)


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