Java EE 6 RoadShow Seminar

I’ve attended a Java seminar today, presented by Mike Keith, a Java Architect for Oracle.
The goal was to present the new features of the sixth edition.

Here’s a summary of my notes:

* The new JNDI specification allows defining the following scopes: global, app and module
* It’s possible to define a data source through the annotation ‘@DataSourceDefinition’, but shall be used only for testing purposes as it requires specifying the URL, username and password in the code
* Servlets 3.0 -> the declaration of servlets has been decentralized by the means of annotations and web-fragments
* support for asynchronous calls has been added, in which the server does not commit the response
* EJB3.1 -> declaring beans by using annotations, asynchronous EJB calls, EJB Lite, improved ‘cron like’ timers and embedded containers purposed to help with EJB testing.
* Managed Beans 1.0 are considered the direction in which EJB is going
* Validation 1.0 – allows forcing field validation by annotating them
* DI and CDI by means of annotations again

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