Creating a Mavenized Wicket Project in eclipse

I created my first Wicket project using eclipse and maven tonight. Here’s how simple the process really was:


I’m using the following:

  • Eclipse 3.5
  • m2eclipse plugin
  • maven version 2.0.9

Create Project:

  • In eclipse Project Explorer -> Right Click -> New -> Project -> Maven -> Maven Project
  • Select NEXT
  • Select Use default Workspace Location
  • In Select Archetype type “Wicket” into the Filter textbox:
  • Select org.apache.wicket -> wicket-archetype-quickstart

  • Add your project group and artifact ids, etc:

  • Select “FINISH”


To test that the project was successfully created:

  • Run mvn jetty:run on the command line:
    mvn jetty:run
  • In the web browser go to http://localhost:8080/MyFirstWicketProject and you should see this:
    Wicket Quickstart Archetype Homepage
    If you see this message wicket is properly configured and running

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