Opps java.lang.OutOfMemoryError – Use Eclipse Memory Analyzer

Recently I had a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError thrown on the command line when running an ant deployment and testing script. I tried to re-run the ant script with the -d flag hoping for more information but nada…

After a quick google search I discovered this nifty eclipse plugin called Eclipse Memory Analyzer. This plugin can analyze heap dump files for you and give you some hints about what could causing your problem.


  • Send in VM argument to get the VM to produce a dump of the heap when you get an OutOfMemory error:
  • This will produce a .hprof file when it encounters the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
  • In eclipse switch the Memory Analyzer perspective and select the .hprof file by going to File -> Open Heap Dump
    • Once open you can run several analysis on the heap dump.
    • I chose Leak Suspects report and got the following:

Notice it’s all StringBuffer, ByteStream info that seems to be the problem. Turns out that someone checked in a change to our log4j.properties that caused extra logging during our junit run. Quick fix to the log4j level and I was back in business.

Pretty useful tool!

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