Mercurial tutorial

A reasonable starting point for understanding the basic concepts behind a DVCS, and Mercurial in particular.

The only thing is you have to get past the sense of ‘humour’ of the author, but the content is good.

A Mercurial Tutorial

The project I’m working on has gone with named branches for branches, and therefore one repository, rather than what seems to be the generally accepted approach of copying the repository, and then pulling changes from the old one.

The end result is basically the same, but without the ‘baggage’ of named branches. Personally, I prefer being able to see a branch with a name, and knowing what it’s associated with.

The other decision we’ve taken is to generally use rebase, rather than pulling others changes, merging them together, and then pushing. The only real reason is it keeps the number of changesets down (no merges everytime I have changes and someone else has already pushed), and also keeps the branch in the graph straighter/cleaner.

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