Adapting Kanban to an Agile Team

Proposal Submitted February 17th, 2010


Kanban brings the promise of more controlled, effective and reliable workflow for development teams which can lead to reduced work in progress, improved efficiency and more regular delivery. But these benefits can only be realized when Kanban works for both the customer and the development team. This paper will describe how an established agile team following mainly XP practices used Kanban to improve workflow and how they worked with their customer. Engaging the customer effectively proved to be challenging which required the team to adapt and change their approach during the project.


This paper will be written as an experience report that will describe:

  1. The team, their capabilities and processes and what they were trying to achieve using Kanban.
  2. The nature of the customer and how they worked with the team.
  3. How the team implemented Kanban.
  4. How the team and customer reacted and how the team adapted to work better with their customer.
  5. The conclusions, and what the team learned to avoid pitfalls in the future.

Learning outcomes

  • The basics of Kanban and how it can help development teams improve workflow
  • How to engage customers when using Kanban systems
  • How to implement a Kanban system on an Agile team
  • Some warning signs of Kanban adoption problems

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