The Law of Unintended Consequences, Facebook Style

Yesterday ReadWriteWeb posted an article entitled “Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login”. Due to some SEO wackiness, their article became the #1 Google result for “facebook login”. As a result, the comments of the article are full of people complaining about Facebook’s new look and the difficulty of logging in. Evidently there are people that log into Facebook page by googling “facebook login” then trying to log into the top result no matter what it looks like.

While it may be easy to make fun of people like this – and let’s face it, it is quite easy – we have to remember that many of the users of the software we create are not going to use it in the way that we expect. In this particular example, it appears that people are treating their browsers solely as a search engine. Take a look at this Google blog entry for more evidence of this belief.

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