December 15 2009 Retrospective

Notes from 2009 Tuesday Lunch Retrospective

Attendees: Afua Osei, Alexei Guevara, Peter Yu, Syrous Delavari-Maraghi, Thanou Thirakul, David Jones, Lawrence Ludlow

What We Liked About Tuesday Lunch in 2009

  • The diversity of topics presented
  • The GWT presentation led to adoption by projects
  • The passion exhibited by the folks who presented
  • There were lots of presentations this year with good attendance
  • Creative use of the time and space available
  • Having notes to accompany a presentation was helpful for getting people involved

Things We Could Do Better

  • Less abstract topics – need more topics that feature things that can be used right away
  • Many of the technical topics seemed hard to relate to in terms of day-to-day usage
  • Not enough participation from 200 Adelaide
  • Not enough promotion of Tuesday Lunch events within teams
  • Don’t have a queue of presenters
  • Not enough representations from senior technical folks

Recommendations for 2010 Tuesday Lunch Events

  • Get Team Leads and PMs to encourage people to attend
  • Rate presenters to provide feedback to help them improve
  • Provide better messaging around how you don’t need to be an expert to present a topic – just need to start the conversation to get the ball rolling
  • Promote events earlier, ideally one week in advance
  • Make announcements more personal, from presenter’s perspective
    • Have presenters send out event e-mails
  • Interview people to get a better understanding of why they don’t attend, what could encourage them to go
  • Make it known that people can take time to put together their presentations

Topics for Future Meetings

  • What’s going on in the community within specific topics re: Selenium
  • Unix 101 or Linux 101
  • How to fix CVS problems
  • Lightning Tutorials on how to do specific topics
  • Craftsmanship and design
  • Design Patterns
  • Topics from books on recommended reading list
  • Positive experiences in project rooms (Alexei)
  • Coaching games
  • Get external speakers to come in

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