Tracking Medications with your Phone

You may have read BC’s blog entry about QR Codes Phone to Simple Scanner. One suggested eHealth application for QR Codes was to represent a prescription as such–enabling a pharmacist, doctor, or patient to be able to obtain prescription information quickly and accurately.

As you can see in the following screenshot, we’ve added QR Codes to our Prescription Details pages in TL7.

We’ve come up with a basic file format, an .rx7 file (“rx” for prescription and “7” for the “seven” in Health Level Seven), to identify a prescription. Although all the information we need to identify a prescription could probably be found from the prescription identifier (i.e. RX_ID), we also may provide other information for readability and other alternative uses.

So, if you scan this QR code or process it with a QR Code decoder like ZXing Decoder Online, you will end up with the following text result…


…or this image on your iPhone!

Try decoding the QR Code for yourself using the ZXing Decoder Online!

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