Service Oriented Architecture

So, it’s been clear for a while that “Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)” has been one of the IT industry’s favourite buzz phrases. And, to be clear, I do believe that architecting systems in service-oriented ways is an excellent approach. But recently, I’ve started to become more fascinated by some of the interesting free services that have been available on the web.

Over here, for example, there’s an interesting collection of free web services that your app can invoke. Want data about stocks? Or the current conversion rate between currencies? They have services for those capabilities.

More interestingly, they have several services relating to ICD-9 and ICD-10 classifications, which are used a lot in e-Health applications.

This site has a number of latitude/longitude-related services, including the ability to determine the timezone that a particular lat/long position is in. Again, these services are available for free (with a commercial offering, which gives extra pizazz).

GeoNames is also interesting in that they’ve adopted an approach that many sites are now using: simple JSON interfaces, in addition to XML-based APIs.

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