SpringOne 2GX Conference – Day 1

Day 1 was mostly about registration, checking-in and the keynote. Here’s a great summary of what was covered in the keynote. KeyNote summary.

I’ve mostly been looking at Groovy sessions, and can see a lot of potential here. Will keep providing updates as the conference progresses.

Definitely want to look more at the tc Server. SpringSource/VMWare are hopeful companies will use it instead of Jboss/Websphere/…

They demo’d the new developer’s edition with Groovy and Grails, and were able to dig into all the queries. Great way to find bottlenecks when performance isn’t working well. Don’t know if it can do it with Java/Tapestry/Hibernate, but likely no reason it can’t. Obviously they’re leveraging the HtpericHQ acquisition for aspects of this.

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