Accepting Agile2009

As some of you might already know, Agile2009 is coming around the corner (next week). My colleage Syrous Delavari-Maraghi and I are attending the conference. This year it has over 300 sessions over the course of a week. Planning attendence could be a daunting task. The organizers provides us with various ways to navigate the conference schedule.
Filter by personas, levels, dates, etc. ThoughtWorks even built a cool iPhone app to help.

Fundamentally, I believe in order to make such an event successful for me, I must first define what success means to myself. One way to define success is by Acceptance Criterias. Here is a list for me to start with:

  1. Can I bring back cool & engaging information to my team(s) so that they will say, “I want to try that!”?
  2. Do I have a better understanding of the current state and trends of the Agile movement?
  3. Did I learn new techniques and insights in how to introduce change in an organization?
  4. Did I learn new techniques in refactoring and testing?
  5. Do I have a better handle on measuring Agility?
  6. Did I find new ways to be a more effective coach/mentor?
  7. Did I learn effective ways to clarify, communicate and leverage Customer’s Business Values.
  8. Have I made some new friends?
  9. Was I inspired?
  10. Did I have fun?

If I can answer “Yes” to all of the Acceptance Criterias, then my expectations are met. By that, my attendance will be a glorious success 🙂

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