Timeline of CHI Releases (and more!)

Last night, another version of the TL7 site was published out to our production servers.

One of the things that excites me about this new version is the timeline that shows when the Standards Collaborative group released certain artifacts. Now, I’m sure that a lot of people don’t see this as anywhere near as exciting as I do, but I find that any time I have to discuss with anyone what versions of artifacts are being used for a particular purpose, the conversation just becomes a mess. Part of that is that there are different parts of the specification (CR, IEHR, etc.) Another part of that is that meaning and format of the version numbers have changed a few times. (e.g., the first release of CeRx was called V01R01; the latest release is alternatively called MR2009 or R02.04.00) I want to believe that anything that makes the sea of numbers comprehensible will be a good thing.

Another key new feature of the TL7 site (which is only available to beta clients, at the moment) is our generic SOAP interface. We have a few SOAP interfaces — we try to emulate jurisdictional HIAL interfaces to the best of our abilities — but we wanted to support a simple generic SOAP interface that doesn’t impose any jurisdictional assumptions or restrictions.

And, as always, we’re working through support for more messages.

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