Print on Demand DVDs

This caught my eye this morning:


Warner Bros on Monday became the first studio to open its film vault to “made-to-order” DVDs, as it sought new revenues in a slumping DVD market by making it possible for fans to buy decades-old films.

Warner Bros, owned by Time Warner Inc, made an initial batch of 150 titles available for purchase online at , including 1943 comedy-romance “Mr. Lucky” starring Cary Grant and the 1962 release “All Fall Down” with Warren Beatty and Eva Marie Saint.

The on-demand service allows Warner Bros. to avoid the risk of manufacturing too many copies of old or obscure titles and shipping them to retailers because customers directly order only the titles they want to buy.


Certainly I’ve been somewhat fascinated by paper print-on-demand services like Lulu. In the writing world, there’s still a great deal of disdain toward people who self-publish — historical terms like “vanity press” and the like still demarcate “reputable” publishing houses from “little fly-by-night” places. It’s interesting to see the shift that’s taking place.

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